February 1st 09:52 PM would like to thank all its customers for the interest and trust in our abilities to deliver growth, good prospects and a secure environment to run business operations.

As the Q1 develops we are getting ready to ship the fourth (4th) version of our platform. It would not be possible for our team to build this great company and this great product were it not for our customers, the collection desire for innovation, lower costs and our vision that relentlessly lubricates our resolve to build better.

During this transition process no services will be affected and we predict no more than a couple of minutes of downtime for notification & Compliance systems.

New Deployments

During February we will be devoting all necessary effort towards complete documentation and status monitoring of 22 cloud services deployed across all continents.

LWC Deployments

We are also working on our new application execution engine that will be implementing the new PAAS development standard, namely LWC - Lightning Web Components.

This integration will allows us to enhance our PAAS cloud service for developers and mission critical deployments, by allowing engineering teams to use standard HTML, JavaScript (ES6+), and Web Components to develop resilient and world class applications* .

LWC deployments will also run on jailed and supervised Docker containers customized with enterstarts security model.

Custody Containers

During March, we will be widely testing our new security sandbox execution service, namely Custody Containers, a cold storage encrypted execution engine with OTP facilities for hostile environments, designed help us increase the protection and privacy of customer authentication data, payment workflows, merchant data and critical cloud services configuration.

Goals to achieve

As a critical engine for business operations Enterstarts must always be online and ensure safe execution for our customers businesses, provide for great payment experiences, accountability and autonomy for self reliance & cost efficiency.


Ayrton Gomes - CEO